Συμβουλές Εξοικονόμησης Ενέργειας

Συμβουλές Εξοικονόμησης Ενέργειας

Η κατάλληλη μόνωση είναι βασική προϋπόθεση για την προστασία κάθε κτιρίου από το κρύο και τη ζέστη. ΘΕΡΜΑΝΣΗ [...]

Never Ever Put These 15 Foods in Your Fridge

We tend to think of the refrigerator as a tool to preserve food for as long as possible. With most foods, that’s true. Without the fridge we couldn’t keep meat, dairy products, or many types of pr [...]

How to keep your house cool in the summer without AC ( Video)

Beat the heat with tips on how to keep your house cool without air conditioning. Source: CBC NEWS

House design improves with experience

We refer to people with mobility problems in particular, which, as a result of a recent accident we have come to understand. We focus in this article on house design and facilities to be provided/are [...]

Top-7 Latest Easter Decorating Trends For 2019 / Spring Home Decor Ideas (Video)

Top-7 Latest Easter Decorating Trends For 2019 - Spring Home Decor Ideas 00:01 Trend 1. Natural style Easter table setting and tablescape ideas. (Easter painted egg, candles and flowers decor.) 02:34 [...]

TOP 20 Home Decor Ideas You Can Easily DIY | DIY Room Decor (Video)

Check out these creative decor tips and ideas! Recycling old bottles, wall decor, glitter mason jar and more decorative tips for walls of your home!!!

Saving Energy Advice

SPACE HEATING Use solar energy to heat your building. On sunny winter days allow the sunrays to enter through the southern windows. If you have a split unit system do not set your thermostat over t [...]

Roads closed, as bad weather persists

Several roads remained closed in Paphos due to bad weather, as more rain and snow was on the forecast for Saturday. Police said several roads in the Paphos district remained closed and others in the m [...]

How To Identify Modern Style Homes

Exterior Living in a city home can be tricky for modern style lovers. Properties are smaller which makes your house options limited. However, to keep part of the traditional home and just add a moder [...]

Make sure you read the small print of insurance policies

VERY few people read let alone understand the small print when they take out insurance for property. Even if you insure a building for ‘all purposes’ including acts of God (rain, floods etc) be s [...]