Decorating a Deck for Summer: Budget-Friendly Ideas

Here are some great deck decorating ideas on a budget that you can use to transform your deck to a great place to spend your summer days and evenings that you’re proud of. No need to spend a lot to decorate your deck for summer with these budget-friendly summer deck decorating ideas.

Outdoor summer decorating ideas

Get the biggest bang for your buck when decorating your deck. Using flowers and items from years past will really transform your outdoor patio.

I’ve got some really easy and budget-friendly ideas that I’m going to share with you that you can do today.

Decorate with flowers and plants

Flowers can do so much for your when decorating your deck for summer. If you grow your own flowers you can cut a beautiful bouquet and add to a table or bench on your deck.

Using hanging baskets and planter boxes will give you color on your deck without spending a lot. You can make your own hanging basket and planter boxes to save some money or buy pre-made ones.

Adding plants will also transform your space. Using ferns, ivy, and other easy to grow plants can really fill a space. If live plants aren’t your thing, buying faux plants is a great alternative. Either way, buy them once and decorate for years to come.

Add Outdoor Throw Pillows

Nothing makes a space quite as inviting as throw pillows. Outdoor throw pillows can be found almost anywhere outdoor furniture is sold. You can even find a selection at your local dollar store. If you don’t like the selection, consider making your own throw pillows. Throw pillows make a place cozy and add pops of color.

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Lay Down an Outdoor Rug

Another way to make a deck more inviting when you decorate for summer is to add an outdoor rug. You can find a variety of patterns, colors, and sizes. It’s important to clean under the rug regularly to prevent mold and mildew build-up. However, this truly makes an outdoor space feel more like a living space.

Choose Decorative Citronella Candles

Citronella candles are a must, but no one said they had to be ugly. Look for citronella candles that come in decorative containers. If you can’t find decorative candles, find decorate candle holders to slip the candles into.

Another option is making them yourself! I make my own each year. Using spray painted aluminum cans or mason jars are perfect to use. Either way, the candles will bring some summer decor to your deck.

Install Lighting

Last, but not least, you can’t possibly decorate a deck for summer without adding some sort of lighting. Globe string lights are a wonderful touch. You can also place decorative lanterns around the space. You can even use solar lights to make your own solar-powered lamps. Be creative.

It doesn’t take a lot of work or money to decorate a deck for summer. All you need is a bit of time and creativity. Add pops of color with flowers and throw pillows. Make your space feel more like a living space by adding an outdoor rug. And, don’t forget to install lighting so that you can enjoy the space long into the evening.





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