Floating House Architecture: 12 Wow Designs on the Water

There are floating homes – and then there is floating house architecture. The kind of modern homes that wow you on the water, long before you get in the front door. These floating home interiors are spectacular, but we’re extra impressed with the exterior designs. Lots of modern style and great talent behind these works of art. When you think of a floating architecture, the image that comes to mind is usually more nautical and boat-like. Or at least rustic. But these are fully fleshed-out modern house designs. Only designed to float on the water. Tied up to docks, or anchored in some cases, they tend not to be part of the floating village communities but stand-alone homes. Set apart, perhaps, to showcase their architectural splendor. It’s a different lifestyle for sure – but these 12 homes below prove that you don’t have to give up architectural sophistication in order to make your home on the river or sea.


British Architect Carl Turner made blueprints for this floating house free on the internet – to combat the growing threat of rising seas. What are you waiting for?



The Exbury Egg House was designed as a self-sustaining, floating work space for artist Stephen Turner.



Amillarah Floating Islands consist of 10 private floating islands in a beautiful lagoon in the Maldives.




The Floatwing is a modular floating home created by the Portuguese company, Friday. And if the top of the water isn’t your thing, check out their alternate line of Personal Submarines.


The Watervilla de Omval by +31 Architects sits on the Amstel River, in Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The Giancarlo Zemas Design Group created the Waternest 100. It’s made of recycled laminated timber and a recycled aluminium hull.


This floating office space in Helskinki was designed by K2 Architects.


These floating homes with a view are in Hamburg, Germany. Source


One of the Floating Seahorse Villas in Dubai. The mater bedroom and bathroom are below water level.


The Waterborne House in North Holland by architect Koen Olthuls. 


The Boathouse by Dymitr Malcew takes advantage of the view with all its glass.



Sascha Akkerman designed this incredible floating home where modern design meets maritime flair.
As you can see, no nautical or beach cabin designs here – these are serious modern houses for those who would like to take living on the water seriously. Ecologically, it’s not a bad idea at all. With proper systems in place, urban living marinas can be environmentally stable and friendly. And you’ve seen that the design can be as stunning as any modern home on land. Maybe we’ll see more and more architects practicing in this niche field in the future.


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