College Dorm Room Decorating Ideas That'll Make Your Space Feel Like Home

College students use their rooms for two things: relaxing and studying. To do both, their spaces need to be inspiring and organized. These double-duty pieces and creative tricks will guarantee all of the above.

Invest in quality trunks.

The secret to making any space feel bigger is making sure every item you own serves multiple purposes. These pretty trunks are both a nightstand and a storage unit.


Buy a functional mirror.

This mirror is supported by a ladder — perfect for slinging clothes that don't make the final cut to wear to class. 


Keep pictures front and center.

Nothing makes a space feel more special than pictures of loved ones. This grid lets you hang a collection of images without making tons of tiny holes in the wall.


Create a reading corner.

Most people read more in college than any other time in their life. Create a colorful spot that'll keep you inspired and motivated.


Store stuff in your ottoman.

Buying something to prop your feet up might seem frivolous, but when it also serves as storage for throws and books, it's a no brainer.


Don't underestimate a headboard

Who says you have to accept the bare bones furniture provided in dorm rooms? These studentsgave their room a glamorous upgrade by bringing their own tufted headboards, custom curtains, bed skirts and more.


Make over your bookshelves.

This organizer becomes a makeshift vanity for two clever college students when touch lights are added to the bottom of each shelf, and mirrors are mounted on the back.


Use a colorful hamper.

To make the chore of laundry more bearable, pick out a bright and happy bin. 


Set your desk up for success.

In other words, buy organizers that'll keep your tools at-the-ready, like this lamp, which ensures a pen or pencil is within reach whenever you need one for your homework.


Show off your wardrobe.

Not only does this rack provide extra storage, but you can display your favorite items on it and let them serve as art.


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