Cyprus ranks second in “excellent quality” beaches


European Commission and European Environment Agency ranked Cyprus in the second place with a percentage of 97.3% on its beaches’ water excellence. Greece in the third highest place with a percentage of 95.9% and Malta first with 99% of excellent water.

In Cyprus, 113 beachfront sites were monitored, 991 samples were taken and according to the report presented on Tuesday at the EU headquarters, the percentage of good quality water is 98% and "excellent quality" at 97.3%. The report notes that about 9 samples were taken from each beach site under evaluation.


 Altogether, 111 beach locations were judged to have met the criteria set by the European Environment Agency. Generally, the report states that "85% of the bathing areas across Europe in 2018 met the highest and most rigorous EU standards of" excellent quality "for waters, mostly free of pollutants," providing "a good indication of the holiday resorts where holidaymakers can find the best quality bathing water this summer ".



Under evaluation, 21801 sites were located across Europe, of which 21509 in the EU-28 (95.9%) met the minimum quality requirements in line with EU rules. The three countries with the highest numbers of bathing areas with "poor quality" water were Italy (79 bathing areas or 1.4%), France (80 bathing areas or 2.4%) and Spain (38 areas or 1 , 7%).



Source: Philenews



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